Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do You Know These Money-Stories?

You know that I like to read fables and read many of them in my life. I want to tell you now an episode from one of them.

One man married a very beautiful and very clever woman that had to have a name Vasil'isa, I thnk. In Russian fables all the most beautiful and the most clever women have the name Vasil'isa I don't know why. Vasi'lisa The Wise, Vasil'isa The Beautiful. Russian jokes ask: Why is it so? One is beautiful and other is wise. Why a woman can't be beautiful and wise at the same time?

Well, this Vasilisa was beautiful and wise at the same time.
One day her husband is ready to go at the market in an other town and asks her: Honey, what do you want I buy you in the town? -Here are 3 Kopeiki, answers the wife, buy me silk threads.

Do you know what are 3 Kopeiki? Kopeica was a cent of a Rouble. At my time it was more o less the same as value as a cent today in Europe.

Как недавно это было !..
«Как недавно это было !..» на Яндекс.Фотках

The husband of our Vasilisa comes back from the town some days later and takes silk threads for his wife. With this silk the wife was able to weave a carpet. Do you know how much silk you need to make a carpet?

Next weekend the husband wants to go another time in the town at the market and asks the wife what does she want he takes for her from the town. (By the way, you see what a treasure of a hubby had that woman!). She gives him 5 Kopeiki to buy silk for her and makes 3 carpets from this silk.

(The source of the Photo )

This is the part of the fable I told to one of the member of our archaeological group 2 days ago when I had my day to open the museum. This friend has 74 years. He told me a real story about the value of the money from the life of Italy. Here is the story.

His father told him -so we speak about 100 years ago- that he went to the nearest town once a week for his weekly shopping. He took 2 Soldi with him and an ass to load all the goods he bought there. Now, said Pietro, you have understand what was this Soldo. There was a Lira that contained 5, I think, Soldi.
And there was a song at that time "If I had 1000 Lire a month........."

To explain what is the joke here I have to tell you, that when I came in Italy 13 years ago there was Lira here. With 1000 Lire you could bought a cup of coffee. With 5000 Lire we could eat every day (2 adult persons without great addicts).

Euro had to hae the value 1/2 of the Lire at the time of change. It means our everyday meal had to cost 2,5 euro. It costs -from the first times of the change- 10-15 euro...


  1. I like fables too. Still read them but I haven't come across Russian fables...

  2. Mmmm... I post them from time to time...


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