Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Is Good For Health -Some New Points Of View

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Here I post some interesting advises to live long and healthy life I found today in internet.
By the way, have you notced this peculiarity: if something attracts your attention, other similar things or informations will appear all the day long. What can it be? It happend to me always.

Well, the advises.
Did you know that the optimists live on average 8 years longer than pessimists? Smile! Here is the first step to your longevity:

Now when you are relaxed, I continue with other advises. Hope you like them.

The next is to eat tomatoes. It makes he risk of hart attac 30% lower. Than Root Crop maintains naturally vitamins for more time as other vegetables.
Donate blood. Donors 17 times less as others have heart attacs.
Pass more time with your mother. It is very healthy.
Listen to Beethoven's relaxing music.
Don't listen what others say about you: less stress prolongs your life.
Brush your teeth every day. In this way you through off many bacteries dangerous for heart.
Optimal sleep is about 7 hours.
Have a hobby.
Have a cat or a dog. Animal lovers are less stressed as others.


  1. Good advice here especially about not listening to others!

  2. As for me, I would add the advise to eat ice-cream...

  3. Yes ice-cream and chocolates and cheese cake. I love them and I'm sure they are good for health as those stuffs make the eater smile!

  4. Mmmm. You are right, Fatiah, who smiles has longer and happier life and all these things ( and others...) make me have a beautiful time.


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