Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why Is Special The Rain In Pompei

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Одна из улиц Помпей
«Одна из улиц Помпей» на Яндекс.Фотках

On the photo you see here is one of the streets of Pompei. I wanted only you look at the board stones of the street. The sidewalks there are about half a meter higher as the road surfaces. When I came for the first time in Pompei I could not understand why.

This morning we had the first rain after sommer heat. The storm was terrible with spectacular lightnings. Do you remember when all the new asphalt cloth of our street was drag away with the first rain a year ago? See my post "Rain In Campania". What a pitty I did not make the photos of the completely distructed road.

On the last photo an other interesting thing. The blots on the photo are the rain drops. And it's their real size. They are not a little normal drops of rain, but cups of water.

Ancient Romans built their towns very clever. If I have to go somewhere when rains, I can't do it without a car.

Read here Basja Is Afraid Of A Storm how one of our cats found the best place to hide herself from the rain.


  1. It always rains here in the place I live and I think it rained like that before!

  2. You live in a pardise, I think, but even paradise has to have something inconvenient. Or those are humans with this deffect that never are content?

  3. We all live in paradise; sometimes, we just forget.

  4. It's true. Nirvana e samsara are only states of our mind, I have no doubts about it more.


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