Tuesday, September 09, 2008

About Erotic Games

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What do you think about erotic games? Probably "Mmmm..."

Some decades ago -you will surely remember- there were very beautiful films with splendid erotic scenes. As said, I like to look and to watch at beautiful things. Beauty is Beauty. And I applaud the high professionalism of cameramen.

Interesting is that for these theme another motto from that times suits good. "Back to the nature!" Who invented it? New Age? Hippy?

«4187971nvz.jpg» на Яндекс.Фотках

Well, some persons do not understand the difference between erotism and mortal danger.

Here in our zone there are mountains that "grow" from the sea. Humans built a road to reach hidden bays of the coast (Amalfitan). Not only the road is narrow, old and all turns, but landslides happen here from time to time.
In one of these landslides was found a car with a nacked young couple that experienced their games on the way.

The notice of this morning is about an other erotic game. One 19-years old trans weared with only mini-rock was tetherd with a chain to an oak in the garden of his friend to make him look at his friend playing with an other trans. Nobody saw that the chain was too narrow and the poor "victim" suffocated.


  1. Erotic games sound like fun but I think many people frown on them.

  2. I think our generation has the psychic intoxiced by media. Everything good is made disgusting with only aim to attract attention of the average man.


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