Monday, September 08, 2008

Hosted TFS For Small And Medium Businesses

With the newest offer for small and medium businesses, team foundation server hosting, launched on August 18, PHASE 2 International enriched it's package with wide range of business applications and made it more efficient.

Companies that use hosted services spend less than 80% of the costs they had before they passed to a hosted solution. It is possible because there are not office-based servers, investments in software and hardware and other related problems. SaaS, software as a service, allows you to have your solution ready to use within hours, all members of your team can access it from any place in the wrld. You need only internet access.

Thanks to software as a service tfs efficient management is now available for small and medium businesses too. PHASE 2 International offers you 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with this service, and you will have all support you need to be productive within minutes.

Thee are no setup fees for tfs hosting, the costs are affordable and you can integrate it with other hosted products you have. It is the possibility to make your work easier and faster. The technical experts of PHASE 2 International are here to support your project on the way to your success.

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