Tuesday, January 01, 2008

To be a Woman

This is what I say to me very often: we need a wish to be sparkling. Everyday life makes from us a sort of unisexs. Want proves? Look at this gallery of photos: Как чудовища превращаются в красавиц

And now here a collection of 75-years old models:Смелые старушки


  1. I like the third photo. It oozes with goodness!

  2. I like those photos too (there are about 15 on the site if you've seen them). Because I admire those women that feel so alive and sparkling at their age when the most persons feel more dead as alive...

  3. I think we should make time and pamper ourselves sometimes. Being stuck at home most of the times is not good as we forget to make ourselves pretty being too busy. Thnk God I'm turning into a beads nut, so I put on different beaded bracelets and earrings at home!

  4. It's really great to put something on and to have this feeling ... I don't know of brillant life, of fable, maybe. I like december for this feeling.


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