Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Grand Mother"

Mother Goddesses, Earth Mother, Grand Mother... There are different names for femminility, fertility, life. You can find her in all mytholigies. She is Earth, she is creator of the life and "is often viewed as a protective force and divine intercessory for humanity" (Wikipedia)

The Goddess appears in Paleolitic times in all Europe and sometimes has very obese forms. Archeologists decided, it's because these sculptures represent opulent women of most successful hunters that could eat so much they wanted.

I'm not agree with it because I know some women that have this type of constitution -eat they or not eat. Than if you remember pictures of some aborigenal populations, in Africa for example, that could not eat as we eat in Europe, surely, but their women have these special forms. I think so. I'm not a specialist in this discussion. Maybe the scientists are right.

This statue (from the archeological museum of Malta) is without the head as you see. With a place for the head only. It means that it was possible to change the head when it was necessary. Romans changed the heads of Emperors because they had too short lives and Romans didn't want to pay every time the entire statue.

From this we can deduct that the goddess had to change the face from time to time. Maybe there was always an alive human representant in the villages (there are many statues with a place for the head) but there were problems with alive artists.

In the modern life we can see nude and clothed goddesses on every step. Sometimes we think: it's unpossible! I could understand the nude popo publishing the toilet paper, but the tank or children clothes...
You are not right. This nude popo is nothing other than men worship to the Goddess. And they don't assotiate toilet activity with this religion.

Do you have contro-proofs?

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