Sunday, January 27, 2008

Breast cancer and deodorant

Some days ago I wrote a review about breast cancer and when I read information in the web about it (to write the post I read many sources), found bad numbers about deaths from this illness.

I know it from experience in my own family, how is important to make controls and that the life is not too long when the surgery was made too late. Well, the notice from Daily Mail is surely not about the case in my family.

One researcher, Chris Exley (hope I write his name good) controlled tissues of 17 women after surgery and found they have great quantity of Aluminium near underarm. Normally this metal don't accumulate in the body. From other side, everybody knows that it's cancerogenous.

The researcher says: they can't be sure that this aluminium came in the ill tissues from deodorants, but everybody knows, it is used to produce deodorants because it blocks the perspiration.

Maybe it would be wise to read what components have our new deodorants befor we buy them?

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  1. There are many other things that cause cancer. Sunlight can cause skin cancer, so where would we escape to, I wonder...

  2. You are right, Footiam, we say "who don't smoke and don't drink alcohol will die healthy.


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