Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally I have my milli...-ard or -on?

Maybe it's because Terry wished it to me too, but my happy star is finally on the sky: I have my million! And not of those empty dollars, but in EUROS!
You all, my friends, have urgently begin to envy me!

I adore them. I receive this mails at least 3-5 a day. Till today I could not understand: what profit they have from all these mails? It's clear that nobody takes it for something serious. But if they write it with so great insistance, they HAVE to be or paid, or have something good from all these work:

In one of my blogs (WP) I was writing posts once, and because I'm very slow, I did it about 3-4 hours. All that time I received continuously mails about very sofisticated spam-comments (the system even did not recognized them as spam). Somebody worked very hard to sent these spam comments to my blog all that hours.
That is why I ask me this question:what profit have they from all these great movement?

Here is the winning mail:

Award Winning Notofication.

Batch No.998/7890/543
Ref No.512/333/765
Ticket/Series No.SPL77734

It is obvious that this notification will come to you as a surprise but ,
Your e-mail address have be selected as one of the lucky winners of ( Euros )

For further inquiry and to process your cash grant, please contact our award secretary with the information below:

Name: Dr. Paco Brown
Tel: +34-693-455-190
Fax: +34-933-807-747

Pime Foundation.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Rose Moreno
Pime Vueling Foundation.

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  1. Those people know that you are hardworking so they like to send you the lottery winnings. Anyway congratulations your PR is 4 now. Yeh, don't forget to celebrate a little even with just a cup of coffee at your favorite haunt.

  2. PR4???
    Impossible, maybe it's an error. From time to time they "play" with it. Onceit's 7,other time it's 0. Now I don't see them at all. But if it was true, it would be really great. I would celebrate it with a cup of great Tea!!!

  3. Yes dear. keep the good work. Check it out at


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