Friday, January 18, 2008

To change HDD: ready for the last step

First step: To change a hard disc

In only 2 days I have everything at home! I ordered the items Wednesday at 18:00 and they arrived today at 16:30, directly here. Great shop! I'm not a "serial online shopper" but I buy some things online from time to time. I know, how many problems have persons with this type of shopping (here in Italy).

Personally, I could not complain online shopping, but I had some inconveniences like no answers on my questions, or no wish to explain or to understand my dificulties with goods I bought. It's important. I'm not expert specially in this electronic things, so it's clear that I can do not nderstand something.

And now, finally I'm ready for cleaning and changing pieces:
1/ compressed air to clean dust inside the case I bought in a hard goods shop,
2/ laser lens cleaner I bought in a Commercial Center,
3/ Hard disc and DVD-writer are from online shop.

This evening I'll read the instructions and maybe tomorrow will be dedicated to all these great changes.
Wish me patience and luck in this adventure.

First step: To change a hard disc


  1. Hi Liudmila,
    good luck with the computer :)
    Luckily my son takes care of those things for me.
    I do quite a lot of online shopping and I have never had any trouble.

  2. Thank you, Leena!
    Unfortunatelly I'm alown in these things for young persons. My husband does not understand them at all. So, he thinks I'm a computer genius. ;)))

    Ah, what a battle will be tomorrow!!! (i'm too busy this evening)


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