Saturday, January 19, 2008

To eat or not to eat?

I write sometimes about women, their beauty ecc. So you can repass my posts like
Woman from 8000 years ago till today
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"Grand Mother"

Now, I found a site with absolutely incredible photos. Befor you pass to it, look at the first of the less terrible of them I copy here and say me: what are you seeing? Is it a hospital? A repart for persons that will die in some months or days?
No, my dear. Look at the second photo. It's a model business.

After you watch them, you can pass to my Interesting persons -3 collection. I think, it's really the case for it.


  1. Pretty scary how people sacrifice so much for beauty and the results are worse than before.

  2. :))) ...specially if you see the photos how are the models in their business and than in real life...


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