Saturday, January 05, 2008

Why do you choose it?

Once I wrote a post How animals smell? Some facts
In the last time there were notices about different researches in the field of our preferences. I think they are interesting to share them with you.
Unfortunatelly I have not a list of sources, so you have to believe me.

One study was about our reaction on odours. The researchers asked a great group of persons to smell a nice, a neutral and a bad odour. After they smell one of them they looked photos with different persons and had to describe them. The description was good if the parfum was good, bad if it was bad.

An other study was about sounds. In the department of wines in supermarkets some artists played german music and in the other days franch music. When the music was german, there was great sale of german wines, when the music was franch, people buyed french wines.

In the first and in the second case all persons categorically denyed the connection of sounds or smell with their choise.


  1. Basically we make use of our senses cum instincts to make our choices even though we don't realize or admit it.And naturally nice smells win and sounds sets the mood for us to buy or decide.

  2. I've never control it for me, but I know that if I am sad or angree, the shop assistants are normally sad or angree, if I smile, they smile sometimes too. But if I come different times in the shop smiling and they know, I smile not for them, they don't smile more.

  3. must wear perfume from now onwards!

  4. And if you meet somebody who dosen't like this profum? Or better maybe one side cover with one profum, other side with other and show the specific side to specific persons...


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