Saturday, January 12, 2008

Google Page Rank Checker

Fathia from Sew my Name suggested me a Google Page Rank Checker for those who -like me- doesn't believe the Google Toolbar that shows you every time other PR.

After the troubles with PP in autumn and because it's unpossible to dimonstrate to all these GREAT Pieces that you are not a cammel, I'm immune to these games now. Specially, because it's pratically impossible to find some work in the last 2-3 months. So, what the difference for me in all these games of rank?... Nothing.

I was pleased to see my Alexa rank better and better from day to day, but as said, in this situation changes nothing for me. I think, if you like my type of blogging, you like it without looking on the opinion of Google. Because PR or not PR, I remain so as I am. And you surely don't come here to read reviews even if I try to write them in my own way.

I had problems with my "job-givers" in the last days (sistem errors with paiments with one and no payments without explanations with others) so I'm too sad maybe today. It will pass...

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  1. Hi Liudmila,

    You shouldn't worry too much about PR - hey you got a 4!

    More important is getting yourself onto the high Google pages so that you can attract some traffic from there - that is what will make you some money from ads on your blogs, not the social traffic as they don't click ads!

    It's nice to see you went up and not down!


  2. Poor you. i hope you will have better luck in future. Don't be too sad ok. Cheer up. PR or no PR your friends will visit you.

  3. Thank you, Terry, that you ever "take me the hand" in this situations. I didn't thought about this side of the thing. As you see I cancelled all the adds on my blogs because they did not produced income at all. Maybe I have to think about it. Do you know a good company to join? Exept Adsence.

  4. Dear Fatiah, I'm not soo poor but hysteric maybe. When I don't understand something and problems present, I don't know what to do, where to go, how to behave and begin to do stupidities.

    I'm hard enough and will find the way, survive surely. :)))


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