Saturday, January 26, 2008

How to make everybody know about you

This morning I was amused by the way one Japanese company choose to make everybody know about it. This is the notice:

One unknown Japanese company "..." (I don't want to write the name) announced they bought 51% of actions of 6 most big companies like Toyota Motor Corp., Sony Corp., Astellas Pharma Inc., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and similar paying for it 190 mlrd. doll. (Reuters)
All interested persons began to investigate who is it and how was possible something like this ecc.
Company that no one knew till that day become well known one by ALL the financial world and in all the world too.

Some time later the representatives of listed corporations denied the transactions and demonstrated why is it lie, but the thing was done (I think so).

I say, what means great publicity by free.

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  1. Free publicity do doubt, but still can get sue.

  2. Everybody will know you if you do something bad! But we really don't need this.

  3. One of the great protagonists of one soviet animated cartoon chanted: who helps other persons is wasting his time only, it's unpossible to become famouse making good things...

    That old woman seems was right. :)))


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