Saturday, January 19, 2008

Broccoli made as in Italian Campania

Every source tells you today, that the best and healthiest food in absolute are broccoli.
Because it's their season now and we have a field of broccoli and eat them very often (my husband loves them and I help him), so I decided to post here this sequence of photos.

I wanted to do it before, when the plants were not flowering else, but the weather was bad, there were very hard rains. Today we have finally sunny day, but the plants opened their flowers.
So, this is our field of broccoli:

if it's possible, it's better to have own plants because you can gather only the parts you eat and healthy parts. In the shop you will buy entire plants and often they are ill. And I don't like to eat ill plants. Don't know what think you about it, but as for me it's not very good. So, because I have this possibility, I prefer to choose the best.
This is the plant:

Now I gather only the part that I will cook. It's a not opened flower, the soft part of the stem and young leaves. Somebody likes older leaves, but I have enough of young plants and prefer them.

This is the part I'll boil now:

Well, now I'll tell you the recipe that my husband prefers, but you can add them to your macaroni (spaghetti) as sauce if you like them.

Because I gathered a big plastic bag of broccoli, I need very big pan with water to boil them. I add salt, a good sliced head of garlic and black olive (green are good too). I put enough of olive oil in the pan (but now, when we have not so much oil, I boil them in the water and add oil in the plate -some less taste but more healthy).

Now you can put your pan on the fire and wait patiently that it begins to boil.
don't make it boil for much time, the taste becomes not good.
So, in the moment the water begins to boil, you put there your broccoli, wait that it begins to boil once more and than boil it for 10 minutes.
Take your broccoli from the pan, add olive oil and eat your vegetable-garnish (or only vegetables if you prefer)

This is what remains after our supper and we will eat it next day because if cold, these vegetables are delicious too.

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  1. Oh, I just have some broncoli at
    What a coincidence and I like this post! Look like a nice place there!

  2. In spring and in autumn it's paradise on the earth here.

    Would be great if you link to my post too.


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