Friday, January 18, 2008

Meat-Tabù and understanding of Art


Maybe and surely I'm not right. For me it has to be so: Art = beautiful. It would be interesting to know you opinions about it.

Now, why I write about it?
I don't understand naturalistic rappresentations as art. I would find other definitions for these expressions of point of view of the artist.

For example. The sketch of Picasso representing his friend in the state of grave depression (infact, he suicide later) that is the image for the manuals for psychologists today. It's art too. And sketches of Leonardo are Art. Maybe good for the studio of a medician scientist.

They say Goya had his Saturn Devouring His Son painted on the wall of own living room. (hope I don't tell you mistaken info) He was in a deep depression too.
It's Art. Terrible but Art.
But I would never put it in my house and specially in a place where I pass hours and hours.

Why can't I accept human meat as Art = Beauty? And all the terrible emotions too? Why I try to have Beauty near me? Sincerely, I would accept a great toxic spider as Art of the Nature but not internal parts of the body in my house...

And you?

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