Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year night

If the night of Christmas is very quite, the New Year night is similar to a battle. As I said you many times, we live on a bord of a "plate" -on one of the mountains that are round of a valley. So when I looked out at 23:45 I saw all our plate from all parts full of fireworks. Unfortunatelly, my photocamera is not good for this type of photography, but I tryed to create that feeling.

I was alown and had not joy in that moment, but those fires made me happy together with all persons that had this feast.

But the most "terrificant" (for our animals, clear) are those damned neighbours. ;))) They have sons that are now in the age when everybody wants to show how harsh he is. Imagin, I have them from all sides. What they make is difficult to describe. They buy the most "special" fireworks they can find to show them to others.

In the last years there are many beautiful fireworks in the shops. But befor there were not fireworks but bombs.
Once we were in the street in our car with my husband and the boys threw a little bomb under the car. I assure you, it was not the most beautiful sensation.
Infact, every New Year feasts morning TV-news tell about real victims of these bombs. One is without hand, other without eye, every year there are some without life. Most children.

Only Kotik was this evening near me at that time. Stassi wanted to go in her fence, cats-female went for their facts in the early evening. Kotik run under the bed and I had to call him for long time to make him go out. It was the second time "battle" in his life, so he knew what it was and was not very frightened this time.

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  1. New Year is just another day I guess if you see how I spent it: http://steptpg.blogspot.com/2008/01/new-year-celebration.html


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