Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finally online! and the game of tagging

For some days I was without my PC and had not access to internet and to your blogs too.
I ask PARDON to all of you that don't see me visit your blogs.

Unfortunatelly my troubles are not finish else, but till monday I have to be here. From monday I have to take my PC to the technitian once more, with hope to resolve my problems forever.

So, I ask you about a little patience with me, pls.

;))) but till monday I'll be very brave.

Now the Tagging game.

I'm very greatful to Leena she adds my link to her posts very often.

Leena has not only a very interesting intellectual game's blog, she likes to partecipate on tagging games too. In this way I have the benefit to be linked from time to time in her posts. Today she has a new game in this post Viral linking with a difference, she linked me too and now I add here her list.
If you like this game, copy this list and write me about it. I'll add your link here too.

To copy:

I tag Liudmila, André, RennyBA, Jenny and Gil

My most favorite posts are:

I am glad Microsoft does not make cars

Polar Bears in Finland?!

Santa lives in Finland

Tampere University of Technology students play Tetris WITH their dorm

Fun mathematics


  1. Thanks for tagging me - that was sweet of you and I do like your fav posts too!

    Btw: Good to know your back online and then can have a great end to your week :-)

  2. We know you will come back very soon with your never say die attitude.

  3. Ufff... Who knows how much time it will be tomorrow to make my PC work... He (technitian) forgot last time to add one piece of my new HDD. Hope he admits it at least...

  4. Speaking of which, I have a lot to finish myself. Thank you Liudmila for the warm and lovely comment. Bless you, for your warm words have comforted me through a very difficult time. :)

  5. My dear Ivy, I'm happy that I could find necessary words. Maybe I had some more of the situations that make us learn from them. They are not bad, you know. They give us more possibilities to enjoy our life.


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