Friday, January 11, 2008

Refuses in the province of Naples

This photo is from Rainews24 but I could post here my own photos too. Unfortunatelly I forgot my camera at home this morning when we went in the province of Naples (I live in province of Salerno).

You will say me, you see nothing new here. You are right. This situation is in the province of Naples at least about 10 years. New for all us is the fact publiced in the lokal newspaper this morning: the government of the italian state finally, after years and years of requests of the "head" of Salerno to build a refuse dressing plant will give him a permission monday.

Because this problem exists for 10 years ( and somebody says that for much more), and there is not 1 but 2 problems,
-The other ethernal problem of the region is unemployment of many persons (45% for all residents and 65% of young persons)-
so, every normal person would think: it's enough to build refuse dressing plants and organize separate collection of refuse -and you resolve in great part all 2 problems.

But only stupid normal person can think in this way.
For government is much more easier to pay trains going to Germany and to pay those plants in Germany to transform all that rubbish, than to organize these simple, as we think, things. The head of region, Bassolino (more than 10 years major of Naples and than of all region), buys flats in the center of New York, but he has not money to build the refuse plants in Naples.

The only person that makes something in the region is the major of Salerno, De Luca. In 12 years that I live here, Salerno became so clean, beautiful. Not only. I never am afraid to walk through the city even in the late evening. And the old city has all these narrow streets. Do you understand it: I, woman, can quietly cross the narrow streets of a medieval city in the night (when I worked in an exhibition, I had to turn home very late) without thinking that somebody can go out and steal me the bag, for example.

Even the privince of Salerno is so beautiful now. I don't know, maybe they steel money too, as all governators do, I think, but they make this earth beautiful for all citizens.
And finally De Luca has his permission from the government of the country to build this plant. It's not official till now, only monday the necessary firms will be on the paper, but Prodi personally assured De Luca that it will be surely made. And, imagin, with all the international scandal that there is now, the government of Italy gives him (De Luca) no one cent for this project! He has to find individual investments for it! To resolve the most terrible problems of this region... (but we will pay more taxes for it now)

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