Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Incredibly beautiful photos of geisha and maiko-girls

Geisha is for europeans something misterious till today. 20-30 years ago they told they are simple prostitutes. Later somebody began to say it's not true, they are prostitutes of high rang. In the last 10-15 years when 2-3 journalists went in Japan specially to study this institution and wrote splendid books about them, we think they are women for company of rich enough men -and if the things go good they can live with those men for many years. Something like in the modern european society , when many persons prefere not to go in the municipality for official marriage.

But geisha is not a simple woman for men company. She is a person of the arts, traditional Japanese artist-entertainer today. And her life is not very simple and very expensive.

Interesting notice of some days ago is that we have today one officially recognied geisha -european woman. She comes from Australia and visited lived in Japan from her 15 years. In april of 2007 she began her time of apprentice (became Maiko girl) in one of 4 geisha-residential areas of Tokyo (I think, the notice is from Tokyo, clear)

The mowan finished her studies in the western universities and then went to study the drum, tea ceremony, small talk and traditional dancing as well as her own specialist gei, meaning art or entertainment. She saiys she studies many hours every day and after her ufficial introduction in december she is finally accepted by her collegues as real member of these professionists.

Source of the notice

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