Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cancer Treatment's and Research's Database

There is a great group of very invasive and aggressive diseases caused by abnormal behaviour of transformed cells that we call cancer. When one of our loved once is affected by this illness, we need help to receive the most recent information about disposable treatments and researches. The cancer information on the web you will find visiting

This diseases affect persons of all ages but are more frequent with more old age. One of the most frequently diagnosed is Lung Cancer. This cancer affects air passages. The 2 main types are diagnosed by how the cells look under a microscope. The treatment and survival rates depend on stages of the illness. In the database of The Cancer Monthly you will find results for 60 recent therapies.

There are 50 recent therapies for Breast Cancer. This form depends from hormones and affects mostly ducts and lobules of the breast. It occurs not only women but (rarely) men too. The treatment depends on stages too. With breast exams and mammogram is possible to find the disease early.

Prostate Cancer usually occurs in older men and affects tissues of a gland in the male reproductive system and is very frequent cause of cancer death in men. In The Cancer Monthly database you will find the results for it's 40 recent therapies. As for other forms of cancer important is early detection that is possible making regular exams.

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