Sunday, March 02, 2008

News about scams

Different times I wrote about plotters in internet.
Mail-scams with lotteries, princes, poor heir of millions that do not know how to use them without your help, bank allerts ecc. Did you know that you have not touch the body of the bank-scam message with the cursor?)

American green-card scams I loved very much. I don't know how is it possible that official US lottery gifts your address to those persons. Where could they take mine? (so as somebody in the municipality of the town where I live sells addresses of residents -incredible!)

2 weeks ago I had a new case in my scam-practice.
I have a site in one free site platform. Great service and I'm very content how it works. That site is only a place to study the possibilities to design a site for me and I did not use it for some time. Then I open the site and see it full of banners, texts and frames with all types of female proposals.
Somebody opend my very simple password and inserted own content.
So I learned that it's necessary to have good password.

Today I read about other possibilities of games with your passwords:
Be careful with ICQ-contacts (and maybe messengers generally -the notice tells about this messenger but...)
If your password is only date or place of birth for examlple. The plotters open your account, steel your dates or dates of your contacts and then sell them to you. Or they send you messages "send me urgently 100 dollars, I'll give them back tomorrow. Harry (name of your friend or relative)"
My sister wanted to send me money in a SMS-message-scam like this once.

If you want to send money to somebody needs them really ( refuge, shelter) and sent you a message with the request of help, call him, ask number of the account by voice and don't do it through the mail address. Plotters change number of bank-account in the original mail.

About the women that look for a man that will pay them a ticket, life and baby-sitter for the time she will stay with the men I don't write -it's not new.

Hope you found some new information for you too.


  1. People will do anything just for money! It makes life so cheap!

  2. You forgot words "of other beings": life of other beings...

  3. Someone called on my cellphone from Hong Kong that I won some money and I've never been to Hong Kong so I didn't entertain.

  4. And my sister received very terrible sms-message and thought I'm really in bad conditions and wanted to send money to that number. The son said her to control first.

  5. I also receive messages at gathers from people looking for easy money! Thought of posting them but haven't. May do so, sometime.

  6. I post them here for those cases when persons want to know about scams (and it happens that they look for these explanations like I looked for them once). That is the only reason: there are persons that look for this help.


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