Saturday, March 01, 2008

Entertainment centers in Campania

What you see on these photos is a new commercial center not far from Naples, near Nola. In the last 3-4 years we assist on incredible growth of enormous commercial centers around Naples and even near Salerno is now one big enough. But near Naples they grow like mushrooms. Do you think all they are empty? Here the population is so numerous!

So, to make somthing different was creaed this structure. It's name is "Vulcano Buono" -a Good Volcano. These -as in other countries, I think, are not only shopping centers. There are cinemas, restaurants, even a park is made in the center of this building. They have fitness centers, gymnasiums, hairdressing saloons and barber's shops. In other commercial center like this you can even swim in a pool. The only place that you can't find here is discotheque maybe.

Here on the photo yopu can see the wall of this commercial center. It's covered with soil and many roses and other plants are ready to be planted there. I don't know how they think it will be, but after the first rain the earth went down and you can see entire "gullys" there.

:))) Didn't you want to spend money this evening?

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