Thursday, March 27, 2008

Speaking About Transsexuals

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This day began for my with the great discussion about transsexuals and the last notice is about them too.

I had to go in Salerno in the morning and when I entered in the bus, all passengers and driver were very busy to discuss the notice from US about a woman, that wanted to become a man. She underwent the operation and became a man. This man found a girl-friend. The problem was that the girl-friend could not have children. So, the new-man decided to make this child and actually is pregnant. All this was possible because this man outside is a man but inside remains a woman.

This is the notice.

In the bus the persons spoke about some transsexuals that live in Nocera Inferiore. The residents of Cava (they think Cava is the navel of the world, it's main city and capital of all the Earth) said that the residents of Nocera are too tolerant and if it was in Cava, those persons (transsexuals) could not live there and dishonour the city. (It's true, there are 2 men-transsexuals in Nocera that stay very often in one of the streets -I don't know if there are others, but these 2 we see very often)

You can translate my post where I made a historical excursus in the question after one of similar notices быть транссексуалом (исторический экскурс) Translate the page
What I learned is very-very-very interesting, so you can make this research yourself, because I did not ad the links in that post. But it's very interesting really to read about how it was in different nations and times.

Now, the last notice of this day (because I was ready to turn off my PC) was about the daughter of Fidel Castro, Mariela, that is the head of National Center of Sexual Education and wanted to promove new law about transsexuals in Cuba. (Photo BBC ) If the law will be approved it will be the most modern concept in Latin America. The situation is not so grave today as some years ago in Cuba, but the population is negative in their confronts.

As in Italy, by the way...

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