Friday, March 21, 2008

How Christians Calculate Easter's Day

Do you know it? How different religions calculate Ester's day? I did not too. That is why I write here this interesting (for me) information.

I remember that there are 3 (originally) relatives. Judaism, than Christianity divided with time in Orthodox and Catholic churches. All have similar, with the same meaning, feast -Easter. The difference is in the date of this feast.

Catholic (= "Universal") celebrate it on the first new moon after 21 of March.

Jews remember with this day the Exodus from Egypt and it happens on 15-th day (Passover) of the first Biblical month (Nisan =Mach-April).

Orthodox (="True to the Teaching") waits the first new moon after Passover.

So, this year is the first time after at least a century that the Catholic and Orthodox churches have 5 weeks of difference between their Esters.

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