Monday, March 24, 2008

Searching For The Best Hosting

The article "Best Web Hosting Company" of Kaushal Sheth touches one of the painful points of many bloggers. Practically every author of the "alone-standing" blogs writes about web hosting problems. Some of my friends have blogs for the pleasure to communicate with others, to share their hobbies. In these cases black-outs of hosting companies have not so great impact on their work. But I have assure you that all these bloggers changed hosting company after they could not access their blogs for a day or more.

Imagine what can feel somebody whose working place is this blog or site.
Kaushal Sheth designes wordpress themes. Black out of the hosting company provokes great problems for him. That is why he has no one minute of doubts and decided to change the company.

Did you ever thought about it? If yes, you know how is difficult to choose a good hosting among infinite offers online. Kaushal Sheth needed an entire day to make all researches and to consult his tech friends. As a result he collected a list of best web hosting companies that you can find visiting the post "Best Web Hosting Company" in his blog "Kaushal Sheth".


  1. So have you ever thought of hosting your own blog? ;)

  2. Confess... I think about it from time to time but I'm afraid it's too difficult and I have not time for it now.

  3. That and you probably don't want to lose all the authority of your blog :) YOu definitely can't 301 redirect you a blogspot to the new location :)

  4. I think, it's possible to ridirect blogspot, but if I have to do it, I would choose WP for it's more interesting possibilities.


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