Tuesday, March 04, 2008

About Keywords and Analyzing Programs or How to be The Very First in Google

Yesterday I submited one post in different sites and wanted to know how many persons read it during the day. In this way I remembered the analyzing program I use for my sites. I use Webmeter, but there are other different free programs. Sincerely, I proved some of them in the period I stay in internet and have own sites but was never completely satisfyed with them because noticed they have always errors. Webmeter was simply the last I proved and I was too lazy to change it.

So, what I wanted to tell you now... I opend the program and was surprised to see that in some cases I was in the first and even the first in Google search results.
This fact put me on the guard.
Is it possible that my simple and not very cured in SEO- and all other informatical senses blogs could take the first place between millions of big guys with big money and great crowds of servants?
Specially if I write about Rottweilers?
What is wrong here?

Imagin, all the merit goes to... my defective keyboard.
When I type it loses letters. And sometimes I don't see it. Or forget to control.
So I typed one of the words "Rottweiler" in a post (and there were different of them) in the wrong way -and it put my blog on the first place between illiterate writers.
And not finished here.
Because there was one illiterate searcher too (or maybe not one...).

Dear Friends, BE ILLITERATE to be The Very First in Search Engines!


  1. You are very funny. Anyway one friend who do advertising using PPC use wrong spellings(it's cheaper) and he get clicks and opt-ins. He..he.. so no need to care about spellings.

  2. Eh... when you do not understand something is better to see it from the funny side. Can we compete against those guys with very big pockets? No. So, see it funny -at least it will be healthy.;)))

  3. Hi Liudmila,

    It's nice to see yourself up at the top of the search pages even if it means nothing as probably no one else will look there, except maybe your one misspelling surfer! :-)


  4. Uuuuuffff.... Terry!!!!!! You are TERRIBLE!!! To ruin all my great joy!

    You know, you are right. I had not think about it.
    I read all this "gurus" that say to include misspellings, surely, but I did not thought about this side of the problem. Thank you for your opinion. It was really precious for me.


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