Saturday, March 01, 2008

Justice Just For Criminals

More I live in Italy, more I'm surprised by Justice here.
No, normally I don't write about politic. I see, I understand, but what can I do to change just a little thing? Nothing.
Everybody knows that all this is only for those who has money. And these "serves of people" do what they want with us, "stupid" sheeps. When I lived in Soviet Union, we said it's only in these country that you can't find truth for simple persons. But in "highly civilized" Italy the situation is not different.

Today I read about Bassolino, the head of the region Campania where I live.
All the world knows about refuses emergency here. Some years ago one journalist wrote that Bassolino buys flats in the most expensive parts of New York ecc but justice can't prove that he and his friends put money they receive in own pockets. And he continues to sit on the same place. Do you know how much we pay for refuses? 200 euro. Now, all the famlies together?

Here by us the quantity of enormous black cars grows from day to day. There was no one of them 4-5 years ago. But now European community pays to build here sidewalks and to plant flowers and trees.
Well, it's not bad. This zone was similar to rubbish heap 12 years ago. River Sarno was (and is) the worse contaminate place in Europe. It was impossible to eat vegetables and cheese made in the region of Naples because full of poisons (not many persons new about it). Now the situation is some better. We have sidewalks, public gardens, beautiful streets, trees and flowers.
Let them drive their black cars.

The notice of about 2 weeks ago. One pedophile killed 2 7-years old girls and suspected to kill the third of these 3 friends too. Stays in prison for about 2 years (I'm not sure), goes out because is very brave ... and kills an other, 4-years old, girl the same day.

A young man from a mafioso family goes out because judges FORGET to send paper about his detention.

40 (fourty) boss vacate prison because innocent for law-court.

Parlament approves in one day and with ALL voices 13 000 euro/month salary for it's members (11 000 were not enough for life). Workers fight more than 7 months to have 127 euro/month -and do not receive them. The very fortunate woker -that HAS regular job- has 700 -1300 euro/months. He pays 600-1000-1200 euro for the flat where lives his family. If he is the only person that has a regular job in the family? (very often here)

Eh... why I began to write about it? Maybe I don't want to write the task I have to write today...


  1. It's good to have heaven and hell. Then, there will be justice!

  2. :)))
    And I unfortunatelly do not believe in it...

  3. Hmmm...ITALY, this was where my passport got pickpocketed many, many years ago!:(
    But I like the weather and the ruins...I enjoyed especially the Tivoli fountains :D

  4. It can happen in every country, Viv, I think, in Russia, for example you would have more possibilities. In Italy you can take your purse in the back-pocket of your trousers and nothing happens with it. In Russia no.

    Italy is a splendid country. It's Paradise as nature. It's very interesting from many sides. And I like Italians. Maybe for this I suffer to see it's problems.

    As for me, when I came here to visit my friends (I passed different summers with them in their house) I was treated ALWAYS as a worse criminal that exist in the world by police (I had to register my permanence in the ofice). And I hear very often that government gifts citizenship and houses to "poore" "mistreated" prostitutes...


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