Sunday, March 23, 2008

Circumcision, AIDS and veneric infections

Medical advisors in New Zealand wanted to insert neonatal circumcision in the country to reduce possibilities of sexual infections within the population.

Researchers studied circumcised and non-circumcised men and found that those first have less veneric infections as the seconds.
While most research has found that circumcision reduces the rates of HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), syphilis and genital ulcers, the results are more mixed for other STDs. (Source)
Picture of the results of this operation on the bottom of this page -for those who doesn't know what is it about.

They say, it could be good to make it in Africa where the % of AIDS is too high. And the circumcision could reduce the % of ill persons till a half.

I'm not too sure, but I think there are many Muslms and Jews in Africa but it did not help till today. Maybe it works only in New Zealand?


  1. I think what you say about Africa is right. But really, what has a little bit of skin got to do with the drop in risk? After all, you don't just put a little piece of skin in!

  2. The difference is in the sensitivity of the covered part of the skin. It's very fine, thin and has very low resistance against all sorts of patological agents. More. Once covered, all those patological agents hae optimal conditions to prolifirate and to infect all body.

    Removed this cover, the skin becomes less sensitive not only for pleasures, but for patological agents too. And the conditions to happy growth of viruses and bacteria are removed too.
    It's enough for AIDS, says this research. Not enough for many other infections, but the risk of AIDS is about 50% less.

  3. Oh! Such a small piece of skin for so big a problem! Why aren't men born without them?

  4. I'm not a man to decide about this question and have not boys to send to the ...mmm... doctor (I read 2 articles where the mothers discussed if they have to call the ...mmm... doctor) but this is MY opinion:

    it's not good to violate the author right of the GOD !!!

  5. For your info the high number of Aids cases are mainly in Botswana,Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe or the area in the Sub-Saharan Africa where the percentage of Muslims is very small. But not in Northern Africa with high population of Muslims. Now India with about 14% Muslim population has a very high HIV cases. So statistically circumcision does help in curbing HIV.


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