Monday, March 10, 2008

Dollar vs Euro

Photo Do you like US Dollars?

Everybody would laugh if I asked you about it even a year ago. Because a year ago people loved Dollars else. Today many of us in different countries don't like Dollars more.

If I do something and somebody pays me with dollars, PayPal gives me about a half of the sum in Euro. So, I work practically for coins. And I don't like it.

But if I want to pay phone calls to my American Phone-company, I pay a half sum in Euro. This means that my calls are very, extremely convenient for me. And I like it.

When I want to buy something in US, made in US from US stuff, it's very convenient for me, because I pay half a sum for it. And I like it.

They say, this year New York was full of European consumers. They bought everything they saw in incredible quantities. They loved Dollar, I think.

Many shops in US (they say) don't want Dollars more. They prefere Euro.

Forbes wrote that the most highly paid top-model, G.Bundhen (?), just a year wants to be paid only in Euro. And financier J. Rogers wants to sell his houses to buy ... yuans.

Do YOU like Dollars?


  1. As long as its money I'm not too choosy. Of course now everyone loves Euro more as its more stable compare to USD.

  2. Persons that live in the countries with Euro do not love it, I think. Because the cost of the life became 2 times higher as before and growth with incredibly speed from that time.

  3. I am like Fatia. I like all sort of money. As long as they can buy thing!s

  4. By the way. Once Dalai Lama told how some persons recite the most popular mantra "OM MANY PADME HUNG":
    Ooom many padme hung
    ooom many padme hung
    ooom many...
    money,money,money ... (like that song of ABBA)


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