Thursday, March 27, 2008

How To Remove Dangerous Chlorine From The Water

You can not believe me, but I say you the holy truth: I don't like chlorine in the water. I'm always surprised that other persons stand this smell so good, but for me it's a torture, and I can't drink the water that has it. That is why I present you with great pleasure the exclusive PINK shower and bath filters of that you can see on the photo here too.

As chlorine enemy I was very happy to know that researchers confirm what my nose says my for years. I don't want to say that this element is not good at all. In our water it is used as very powerful disinfectant and who knows how many infections we miss thanks to treatment of the water. But as in many other things the difference between good and dangerous is in quantity. I don't want to frighten you here with % and research's results. I'll say only that our skin absorbs 70% of chlorine through showering. And today there is a possibility to avoid this excessive exposure using Pink Shower & Bath Filters .

These filters remove 99% of chlorine from the water that you use in the house, and you can be sure you are drinking and using healthy water. Visiting the site you will find complete Pink Shower & Bath Filter Information.

But not only this is very important. If you purchase Pink Filters you will participate on the research because the team of announced that 5% of revenues will be donated to breast cancer research and information dissemination.


  1. strange isn't it? Someone put in the chlorine and someone takes it out!

  2. What do you want -this is how every business born...

  3. Hi Luidmila,
    I like this utility. I am sure the manufactures will pick up sales after seeing your post that will be read by many.

    I too mentioned it in my blog. Please read it here.
    Filter the chlorine from water.

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