Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How I Killed All Viruses Yesterday

One friend told me this PC-story:
A great friend of her husband called him one day to help with PC because it did not work for 3-4 days and there is not possibility to adjust it. No minimum sign of the life in it, and they proved everything they could invent to re-animate it but nothind helped. So, come, my dear friend, to us, you are the last hope that remains us in this life.

It was late in the evening, says my friend, but my husband weared his clothes and went to help. After some minutes he found the reason of the early and unexpected death of the PC. The plug was out of the socket.
Why I remember this story? Because my own life with PC is entire funny story in classical variation. So many month I suffer with PC problems and had tryed everything to adjust it, but nothing helped. I took it to the technitian too -and nothing helped, the same problems with internet connection even if there is nothing that does not work.

What I do very rarely, it's scanning. Normally I use free antiviruses and always was happy with them. This time I knew that there is BitDefender's free edition and uploaded it when my PC came back home about a month ago.

After it the things were worse and worse and I could even not do anything in the ast time with my PC. It blocks every some minutes. One friend of my husband said to control viruses. I scanned the system yesterday -and there were 3 of them. Well, and now? Nothing.

From the great sadness I went to the site of my anti-virus and there was online-scan with virus and spy... (other sort of PC-fleas) instant killing. I was incredibly happy to find a solution. But... there was not good connection once more. So, the scan could kill only non-upgraded viruses. Imagin when after that I discovered that the connection is much-much better. It was at 01:30 in the night yesterday. ( I found the page now, here it is if you are interested in. There is "Scan Online" on the left)

This day I tryed to liberate my poor PC from all viruses -first of all because now I can connect to internet finally, after yesterday night virus-killing.
I asked myself: why it was full of these fleas if I have antivirus and other similar programs? The answer was: if you are connected to internet for hours, you need regular anti-virus. Free anti-virus is good for those who is connected only for some minutes.

Nothing to do, I had to purchase a regular anti-virus. Anti-Viruses reviews here.


  1. Viruses are horrible in the computer - I have a free virus checker (AVG), but it loads new files and scans every day when I start up in the morning, so I think its getting everything. At least I hope so!

  2. :))) You can continue to hope. I did it too.'cose I had it too before.

  3. I think there is virus in my computer. Suddenly, there is no sound from it.

  4. I can help you surely. I had the same problem once. Turn up the loudspeakers! ;)))


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