Thursday, March 20, 2008


What do you read normally?
How do you read?

In one of the articles there was a question: what is your favourite occupation? What can you do every day with great pleasure?

For me it's reading.
I can't live if I can't read.
I can read everything if I have nothing interesting. I even read sometimes love-novels for women. Did you ever read something like this in your life? If not, you have to try. Those seem diaries from mad-house. Something like frenzy of uterus.

Till some years ago my favourite reading were detective stories. Adore Dick Frensis (!!!) and NeroWulf (this is a hero of many books). Some years ago I was a victim of a criminal story and could not read detectie-stories for all these years more. So, I changed the theme.

Now I read action books. These tell about modern "Blue Princes on the White Horses" from different special forces. Modern Knights of King Arthur. They fight for Idea, for their Motherland. And they win all enemies and Enemies, all Bad Guys.

You know, it's different for me, if the guys are fighting against the Bad Snake to steel some money from the old treasure and put them in the own pocket, or they fight for the Interests of their Motherland. Maybe to take to her Altar the same money from the old treasure.

Something like this:

I think the film "Gladiator" was and is sooooo popular because of that Idea. If Maximus fighted not for Rome but for a rich man that promised him 1-2-5 millions of Dollars, it would not the same effect.
Is it so for you too?

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