Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's About Health

This day is for me full of notices about health. So, I'll tell you them in the form of a list if you don't mind.

1. Did you know why are we all sooo over overweight? Because we follow tips of doctors. (it's my own opinion)
They say, when a person is stressed, has problems, has low opinion about own capacities and other similar things, it provokes lowering of the glucose level in the blood. This provokes lowering of determination and of decision to make others value ourselves.
What to do? Drink a glass of lemon juice with sugar.
And we eat and drink sugar because our blood needs it.
And become overweight.
Because the life is so that we are always stressed.

2. Do you like tea or coffee?
If you like coffee, you are a person that doesn't know to take pleasure from the life.
Because these drinks have different cerimonies in our mentality (unconsciously): we drink coffee fast and we drink tea with pleasure.
So, if you prefere coffee, stop a moment! Relax and enjoy the life.

3. If you are a woman, you have know, that the health of the woman is mostly unified with meals.
Are you pregnant? Eat all sorts of nuts, olive oil, maize oil. They are full of vitamin E.
In any age: Love Lactobacillus Acidofilus (and yogurt). It's good not only for your bones, but for bacterial flora too.
Vegetables and fruits of red, orange and green colour are good for your skin, heart and are useful if pregnant.
Finally after 50 eat soy for climax-problems.

4. Do you know that flu-virus has a fat-cloth. When the weather is cold, this cloth melts outside our body and we don't become ill in summer. When it's cold outside, the cloth of flu-virus melts only in our nose or throat and we become ill.


  1. Interesting tips. I've been an avid coffee drinker for several years now and recently switched to tea, I'll keep that in mind next time I feel like taking in coffee again.

    Off topic, thanks for the great messages Luidmila. You truly are a wonderful blogger friend. Your messages have managed to cheer me up during these tough times. Thanks again :)

  2. Happy to see you finally,Ivy. I began really to think you have something bad in the life that I don't see you for a month.

    I'm happy you find something interesting and useful here. Because I share here what I learn new and interesting.

  3. Now, is it Chinese tea or British tea that you are talking about? If it's long lingering pleasure that you want, check out kung fu tea, at http://dragondescendants.blogspot.com!

  4. :))) Dear Footiam, do you really believe that British coud have their own tea? In that frozen place?

    Once I asked in a shop about yasmine-tea here. The owner began to tell me that I have to buy an incredible Russian Yasmine tea
    (that was incredibly expensive too). There is only one place in Russia where tea can grow and they (that fabric) do not make Yasmine tea. They buy it in China.
    I would pay good price for good tea but I want GOOD tea.

    What tea you prefere, Footiam, with big leaves or with pieces of leaves and powder-tea? As specialist? What is better?

    Once I was in one family in Geogia and they offered me a really incredible tea. They were manifacturers of tea. They said me, that good tea is only that is made with entire leaves and took them in great quantity in the tea-pot.


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