Friday, March 21, 2008

Terrible Notices From Tibet

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I received terrible notices from Tibet today and write about it here as promised to many of you ( I will boykott the Olympic Games and not watch any... ).

A pacific manifestation of 300-400 persons in Potala was blocked and shot by Chinese militaries with machine guns on 16/03, tell by phone italians presented in the zone.

Map of protests is from International Compain for Tibet

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  1. I just watch the video you recommended. Just saw dark images walking in a snow covered mountain. The tv clips were better, you see people running here and there, fire burning and people dressed in modern costumes, there is even an angry man with a headband with the word 'kill'. Terrible , isn't it?

  2. :))) There are 3 possibilities.
    1/ and principal -I'm not able to explain stuff I have in the right sequence. By the way, the video I spoke about is very "worked" from the time it was shown first, there were more. And was even forbidden in YouTube for some time (I found it with "forbidden to view" or something like this) -don't know why.

    2/ You have not seen other testimonials that there are in some links on my page too.

    3/ everybody sees what he "wants" to see.
    As said before, I don't like political dirty, and am sure that behind every killing one-other of simple persons there are "Big Guys" that put Big Money in their pockets.

    From other side, there are persons that I know, that are in that zone now and write their mails to us. And I have mails from simple persons from there that read my blog and write to me. That is why I finally decided to write these posts. Because simple persons ask about it.


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