Tuesday, March 04, 2008

US Marines and Soldiers in Iraq

mistergin left a comment in my "Animals as Friends" blog
and there was a link.
There are different videos.
This is a quoter from that post:

We get videos like THESE.

*** WARNING: These videos contain extreme violence and cruelty on behalf of US Soldiers or US-Paid “Consultants” - Watch at your own risk ***

And this is the link:


  1. I won't see such videos as I hate any kind of violence, whether to human or aniamls. Do you know that blood can make me feel faint too?

  2. I think, we need to know such things. Because we judge persons very often from the point of view of those persons who pay for notices. Is very easy to say after somebody: "that person is bad" But if we look on the case from the point of view of that person...


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