Thursday, December 06, 2007

About russian fable and resurrection of Lazarus

The Bible says: first there was a word and the word was by the God and the word was God.
Excuse me if the translation is rude.

So, the Bible speaks about 2 main forses of Creation: Word and Water.

One of the stories in the Bible tells about Lazarus. Jesus loved him very much and was very sad when he was dead. Jesus came to the cave where was the body of Lazarus after 4 days. He looked in the sky and said: thank you, Father that you listened to me. Than Jesus said with loud voice: Lazar, go out! And Lazarus went out alive.

One very popular russian fable tells about sister and brother that walk through the forest and brother wanted to drink water from the step of a goat. The sister said: don't drink from the step of the goat because you become goat yourself.

There are modern stories when deathly ill persons ask Sancts to help them -and after some time forget their illness.

Seems our forefathers new about this interesting characteristic of waterand word.

Modern scientific research confirms it:
the word has not only it's lecsical meening, it has different technical characteristics: timbre, key, frequency, loudness, energy and many other characteristics. There are some of them that the modern science know to exist but cant explore, discover.

Probably, all these characteristics of the word can conserve water.
Emoto Masaru ( Frozen words or emotions? ) put rice in 3 glasses. To one glass were said only words of greetings, other glass was "forgotten, to the 3-d were said only oaths. Aftr one month the rice in the 1 glass was very good, in second glass was black, in the 3-d glass the rice was with mustiness.

Other researchers found that the fishes that were in the "special" electromagnetic water changed their behaviour. All they had similar conduct after lived in this water.

In one institute the reaserchers spoke all day long about new poisons. They were so absorbed in that discussion that forgot about everything. They didn't eat all day, only drunk water that was in that room. In the evening all they had very grave intoxication and all had to be recovered in the hospital.

These are interesting facts I found today.

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