Monday, December 03, 2007

Italy for traveller with cheap hotels

The time when I visited Italy as a tourist was very important for me. I read and knew so much about this country from books, hystory and TV! But when you visit a place for the first time, you find it different as you dreamed it, I think.

Italy is a very beautiful country full of possibilities to unite many sides of the life in one holyday. Genuine food and wines, suny beaches and clean sea, recreational centrums and hystorical places -an incredible mix of everything you can desire. It's enough to imagin what do you like to experience this time there is something for everybody. To find hotels in italy click here.

Rome, the capital, is very different from other great cities I've seen in my life. You, a little human being, walk among these enormous statues and buildings made for gigants maybe. And imagin that the italians at the times of Empire were more low than today. Now I understand the name of Colosseum. For those who wants to visit Vatican, don't forget the main rule: don't wear opened clothes when you go there, even if the temperature is +50°C. The only thing you'll see in this case will be the large breast of the swiss guard (they are so high, that I, with my 165 cm, could not see the face of that, who closed me the way). Book your hotels in rome here.

Venice surprises you with incredibly quantity of bridges. Buy the map of the city and walk all the day. You will find so many romantic places there! At the end come to the San Marco square with it's St Mark's Basilica. Great place for pigeons too. Here you can make Gondola Ride. It costs much, to tell you the truth, but if it will be the first time in your life... Don't forget very interesting museums! Hotels in venice can be useful if you want to explore the city for some days.

Milan is other "must" for tourists in Italy. The industrial capital of the country has many important places of medieval and newest hystory. Cathedral of Milan, Leonardo da Vinci Museum, Castello Sforzesco are only some of the most known and obligatory sightseeings to visit there. Here you will find hotels in milan for every pocket.

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