Saturday, December 22, 2007

Interesing persons-2

In one of my previous posts I added a photo of one interesting person. A photo I found today remembered me that one, and I decided to continue this my collection giving it a name "Interesting persons". The only thing to say here is "Everybody has to go own Path".


  1. Interesting indeed. And a bit scary too if I may add.

    P.S. Pinoy means Filipino, Pinay means Filipina :)

  2. Thank you, Ivy, for explanation. So I visit many blogs their authors are from Filippine. Good.

    I looked at this man and thought: why has he done all this with his body? It's a sort of experiment, what can I do with all these muscels... because I think it's very uncomfortable to live with them -to walk, to make other attivities. I don't mention -as people say- they assume infinite drugs and medicines to reach it.

  3. I like this! It reminds me of goldfish. I always like goldfish!

  4. :))) You make me laugh always, Footiam. Why goldfish?


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