Monday, December 10, 2007

Thoughts in the bar

Today I want to confess you my greatest sinn.
I adore to "prendere"(=take) coffee in italian bars.
From my very first day in Italy when I came for the first time as a tourist here and till today, 15 years later, I enter with the same religious trepidation in the bars for this ritual.

Oh no, my dear friends, it's not the same. It's very different.

In summer, in aeroport of Rome, I heared 3 italians speaking:
-Let's go to take our last coffee!
-No, we take it when we come in.... (don't remember where)
-You don't understand. There is not real coffee in other places.

It was the first time for me after 7 years that I travelled in other countries. I was a little surprised to hear it and I did not believed. But I went to the bar behind them too. :)))

Than in Moscow, in the center of the city, in the part where there is all the best for most reach persons ( --- ), I saw a "coffee-house" with hundreds of sorts of coffee, with a "right" coffee-mashine and said to me: now I'll take a good coffee here in Moscow too ( is unpossible that it costs too much,I thought, but I was not right -to pay it I had to wash plates later :))) ).
No. It was not coffe. It was urine, excuse me.

Than, when I had to wait for a plane in Amsterdam, I wanted to drink coffee too. But it was not a coffee. It was an other drink. But not coffee.

Do you know, that I can never make the same coffee at home as they do it in bars?I asked everybody, I experienced with water and different sorts of coffee, with moka-coffee-mashines. Nothing. My coffee is unpossible to drink.
I understood: it's because I HAVE TO GO IN BAR.

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  1. Can't you try to get the secret coffee recipe sold in the bar?

  2. They say, we have the coffee-machine always hot, we have special mixes of coffee for bars (if you could to do the same coffee in your house you'd never go in bar to drink it) ecc. But I have to say, here in Nocera there are only 2-3 bars where you can drink really good coffee (it's not MY opinion, they are always full ofpersons too). And I noticed that the barists in these bars are men.

    I know only 1 woman that makes the best coffee and she makes it with "coffee-cream" where "cream" is for something like chokolate with rum.


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