Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to create Christmas feeling

In this blog I wrote different times about christmas feeling and about it's enormous importance in the life of everybody. Here I wanted to post some advises how to create this feeling. Those are checked by the life and will surely help you in your family, with your children, guests and even if you have only your adult partner. Everybody of us needs it.
Let's begin.

1/ Begin to count days. In the way that it's like a ritual. Officially, always at the same time, with the list of "what have we prepared and what we have to do else"

2/ Paint holiday cards for guests, relatives, friends ecc

3/ One week befor the feast begin to decorate the house.
If you have children, don't be afraid to have too many decorations. For your children it's not important. Learn how to make toys and gifts yourself and begin to do them with your children.

4/ Some days befor begin to decorate your Christmas tree. Don't think about designers beauty. It's for an office, not for creating Christmas feeling that lasts all the life. Buy "special" balls ecc. Everyday new and maybe different. Create a fable of the tree.

5/ Invent some traditions. To take gifts for hare/fox/bird or to put gifts that the hare/fox/bird had left for your child in the garden. Something special. Decore Christmas tree for the birds/animals (pieces of fod as "balls")

6/ Invent a special, only for Christmas made cake

7/ Don't buy special costumes. Ears and tail or something that we "imagin" to be this or that character. It will be enough. Important is the fable.

8/ Buy many little gifts and hide them all over your house, garden, in every impossible place.

9/ If you can buy the gift you know your child can have, make a ritual to think of it. If you imagin, it will be an impossible wish, write it on the pieces of paper and hang them on the tree: "Santa will surely see it"

10/ If you want to create a feast, remember that the boys like partecipate on the adventures, the girl will be happy to partecipate on the fable. With all make up-s, clothes ecc.

11/ More noise/activity you make -more happy will be the child. If he/she sees adults with costums it will be more interesting.

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  1. I loved your ideas on how to bring that christmas feeling into the home. I especially liked the idea of inventing traditions and having noise in the air to keep the children happy. It's one reason I like to keep holiday music playing while we decorate the tree, like putting pop corn on a string or different kinds of colorful macaroni. Afterward will sip warm apple cider with a touch of fresh cinnamon spice and watch the classic holiday cartoons. I had the great fortune this season to work this holiday season promoting some of my family’s favorite classics that have been compiled into a special gift set called: The ORIGINAL CHRISTMAS CLASSICS. It’s a limited edition DVD box which includes: "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", "Frosty the Snowman", and "Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town". You can get the set anywhere they sell DVDs or at . Oh, and it includes a bonus music CD, we play it at my office and it just puts Christmas conviviality into the air. Since, I've been working with them I hear how this was and is the gift that keeps on giving, you can share it with any and everyone.

  2. Very practical tips. Christmas is more for the kids anyways ;)

  3. Thank you, Mary, for sharing with us your experience. It's really interesting to know what others do... maybe to have an inspiration.

    I'm not completly agree with you, Ivy, I think, it's equal for everybody. The problem is, we, psychologically, are afraid that others can see we have this child inside us (and can use it to make "bad" to us). Or we feel the need to play "adult", "hard", ecc. That means, we ARE a child else.

    To feel, to act as a child means happyness, "openness", the time when we feel secured, without responsabilities ecc.

    Don't be afraid to be a child.

  4. Thank you so much Liudmila for linking to my posts!
    My Christmas is a bit boring; I am in the middle-stage: my children are adults but they do not have children yet. Much of the spirit comes from small children...
    I have one tradition I am clinging; I must have a Christmas tree and since I live in Finland, it must be fresh ;)
    I also have lots of candles, but I am having them lit all winter long.

  5. I have the same problem too, Leena, we are 2 adults and sometimes I don't want to do anything. But after I missed a year or two, my husband asked me the next year to put the tree and to decorate the house. You know, when there is nothing, there is a feeling of a hole. Yes, you are indifferent to this feast, but you need it. In the house. It's something that HAS TO BE in the life....


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