Thursday, December 06, 2007

Is your cell secure?

This story happend in Japan. One great businessman had to sell something 1 piece for 610 000 jen. He worked on this project many time and finally had this contract. At the moment to sell (he did it with his computer) , he sells 610 000 pieces for 1 jen. And the company that he worked many years at, losed $220 milions.

What was happend?
His competitors paid persons that added to his cell special program with indications to do in this way. That businessman spoke very much using his cell and heared a non significant noise while speaking. This noise was that indications. After some hours of this "work" that man was programmed to do what his competitors wanted.

Unfortunatelly, ths story is truth. And there are these possibilities for everybody of us. It's enough if bad intentionate persons have "friends" that have access to the transmissions. It works like the 25-th pic in cinema.

You don't believe in it?
But I, not others, I personally, have seen for some time in the transmissions of satellite chanals here in Italy (Sky) publicity in 25-th pic. Those were pics in red and I could see the picture very clear. My husband had never seen it even if I showed him the moment. But it was for a long time. About 1-2 months. What wanted those from Sky using this with it's clients I don't know. But it was. In spring, I think.

Now I ask you: are you sure your cell and computer is sure?
About computer I've heared many times. Specially about "magic" sites ecc.

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