Thursday, December 06, 2007

Do you like spammers?

Do you like spammers and internet criminals?
NOOO ???
It's unpossible!

They are sooo naive, ingenuous and faithful like this one who sent me his mail this morning:


I am from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I got your email address from the Foreign Department in our Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office. I am presently working with the HSBC Bank London.I need your assistant/help to transfer fund into your Bank account. It is 100% risk free. Can you be of any assistance?

I shall give details when you reply.

Your's Faithfully,
Mr. Brian Maffot.

I'm about 4 years in internet and have seen all types of scams. This mail I opend it because I receive sometimes mails from beginners that ask me to help with HTML codes, templates ecc after visiting my sites or blogs. I'm not afraid to become victim of these rampers because I passed this period in my internet life. Fortunately I was clever enough to control every time the senders, companies ecc.

I and you, we become hundreds of lotteries, princes, banks ecc proposals.
So, Why I'm writing about it today?

I wanted to remember to you: these "games" not always are so harmless as they seem. There are cases -police gives notice- when after receive the first answer (specially if you have an online-shop) those criminals make the victim come in the third country (Nigeria criminals in my experience of online-shop), take him/her the documents and than make what they want with him/her.

This is only to remember you about it if you don't know it else.
Read my posts about it from November 2006/Blogging category, I wrote many interesting things about it.
Good luck!

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  1. I received a lot of spam mails too and usually they go into spam mails folder so I happily delete all of them without opening. Only a few escape into the inbox but I can roughly tell by the subject without opening. My worry is the virus sent via emails, so i try not to open unless I'm sure they are not spam emails.


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