Friday, December 07, 2007


The 5,000 year-old Guennol Lioness, which is to go on display this Friday at auction house Sotheby's, is seen in New York November 28, 2007. Made of limestone and standing on 3.25 inches in height, she is expected to sell for $14 million to $18 million during an auction on December 5, 2007. (Yahoo!News)

Maybe I don't understand some things in the life and maybe for this I'll never have this money and never will have villas, companies ecc, but for me, this and other things maybe like "Black square" and a line on the cardboard maybe drawn by the hand of Picasso but nothing else as a line on the cardboard
all this things are nothing more as useless objekts.

This lioness could be good in museum, it's her place ...

Once I was in one house where all objekts were antiques. All absolutely. Maybe the pants of the owners too. I don't know how they live there. There was so heavy smell in that house...
There is something from mad in these auctions ecc, don't you think? I want to say that all this only for the feeling "I have and you not" -what other can make this lioness in a house?

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