Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Greenpeace" wants to protect fishes

Look at them, what they invented this time!
With 7 t of beton blocks they built 50 m long wall using fast drying cement to close access to the conference-hall for "fishing-ministers" of EU.
Police needed special technic to destroy the wall.
On this action partecipated about 200 persons from 14 countries.


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  1. Hi Liudmila

    great bog! I commend on those people who are so highly motivated. Just to make my own comment. I do not eat any products coming out of natural water or the ocean for over 10 years as protest of the irresponsible fishery industries. I think we as normal people can only make a point by boycotting the senseless killing off of natural resources. I went even so far, as to demand from my dietician, that she puts a balanced diet together for me that does not contain any products that come from natural resources. I want to have a clean consciousness and no innocent blood of those creatures that are born free on my fingers or teeth. And I live good and I am of super prim condition and health.
    Please send more posts of this kind. I hope it helps.


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