Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Comparision of different european cities

The comparision of the most interesting and great european cities is a special task. Sometimes it's difficult to decide what do you want to visit this time, because you would like to go everywhere. So, here you'll find some general information about 4 cities: London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona.

London is one of the most interesting cities of the Europe. You can find there the centuries long hystory (more than 200 years) and traditions and the last progresses of modern technology. The greatest city in UK, situated on the river Thames 64 km from the sea, has more than 7 milions persons. If you want to go to London, learn more about it's traditions. For example, to make gifts to the postmen and other person that need it, Boxing Day ( 26 dicember). London Hotels to prepare your visit.

After you have booked your Paris Hotels you can visit museums, parks, ther sightseengs of this city or maybe you want to see it from a cruise ship on Seine. Paris has the greatest number of museums in the world. Sunday you can visit most of them gratis. You'll have not problems with your visit if you have a good map with all the routs of the public transport.

When you want to visit Berlin, that is very reach on interesting places for every taste, it would be interesting for you to compare the differences of western and eastern part. The Eastern part was the center of the city befor the war and there were the best museums, opera, other places. The western part had to create all this new after the city was devided. Book Berlin Hotels
and begin your exploration of this unique situation.

Finally Brrcelona, the capital of Catalonia. It's the greatest port on the Mediterranean Sea, the most modern city of the Spain. You can find here an incredible mix of all epochs and styles. Walk through Barrio Gotico, gotic quarter, with it's cathedrals, through the La Rambla, the most beautiful street of the Europe and the most fantastic building of the XX century, La Sagrada Familia. Book Barcelona Hotels

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