Monday, December 03, 2007

Is your dream to learn painting? Try now!

Visiting blogs this morning I found an interesting blog about painting and video explanations of the process of creation of this (on the left) pic. I remembered that I have some other "How to do" programs about painting too and so I make here a summary of all I have.

The basic program for painting you have in your computer, but I don't like it- Don't know why. It is useful for beginners of computer painting because it's very different as to take a pencil in your hand. To make a round line I needed some days of training. But it's good to know doing it, because sometimes you need to explain something you have not a photo or it's unpossible to do it and you need basic painting knowledges to paint it. As I needed in the post SEO Tips for Content for Beginners for example.

So, the first program of basic painting I offer you today is very simple to use and is more comfortable (for me) to learn to paint round ecc complicated lines. Click anywhere to begin to exercise.
The second program in my collection is more or less the same, with more "childish" design.
This third program is interesting to create "special" images. It's not a simple painting, it's "painting" with figures, flowes ecc. Click on the brush on the left and on "hide site" to hide the publicity on the page and begin to create. Click on the pic you like and pass to your new image.

Now, the video with explanation of the technique of the picture abowe is in the blog I linked first and I wanted to add here another video for your entertainment. Maybe you'll try yourself or show to your children:

Two Worlds - More bloopers are a click away

Do you like it?

Here are MY paintings to demonstrate you that they are too childish to be considered as pictures.


  1. I think this is very clever and you still need talent to do this. You may not like this type of art maybe because it does not provoke any feelings. I hope you like mine. You can see some at and at beautiful world too, my very own naive art, under ARt.

  2. I like painting and I do it from time to time, but I have no special school and my paintings are childish. I'll post something there.

  3. Childish?? What on earth are you talking about? I just love them!!!

  4. Liudmila, your paintings are very beautiful. It's not childish at all. Anyway, if they are, they are still art. Childish art are called naive art and yours are not that childish. You have talent here!

  5. :))) ha-ha-ha... Sincerely, I love them too. :)))

    Once I worked as a guide in an exhibition of pictures of Picasso and an other time of Andy... oh, forgot... that of the M.Monroe in 100 colours. My husband, when he saw their paintings, said, I paint better. ;)))


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