Saturday, December 15, 2007

Great day

After who knows how much time finally I did it.
I wrote an article.
And submitd it to a specialized site. No, the article has to be approved befor they publish it and I have a period when nothing is approved. I work so, to find than zero. Not approved. Not grabbed. Not good. No, not this is the most important thing. Most important is:

I did it.

Because to understand something I need always sooooo much time! And sometimes have not patience to continue. But once started everything is more simple and become interesting with time too.
So, I wanted only to share with you this my important progress.

Some days later (18/12/2007):
My Article is accepted! Now I'm
As Featured On Ezine Articles

My article is How To Analyse Emptiness Of "I"

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  1. It looks good to me.........

    Happy holidays Liudmila :)

  2. Thank you! To you and all my friends wish very happy holiday too.


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