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What happens to you in the Cheops' pyramid

Pharaon, known as Cheops (for Greeks), had another name, Khufu. Khufu is known and generally accepted as a builder of the great pyramid of Giza/Egypt. And here I want to tell you what will happen to you if you go into this pyramid.

I ask pardon because I can't give you the names of protagonists here. This story I heared in TV, mostly, and had not time to write names to add internet information about them.

Ancient Egyptian books tell about something, a tower (?), made from polished granite that is inside the Great Pyramide (isolated from the "body" of the pyramide). They say, this pyramide is built to hide something, not to be a funeral monument. Dr. Zahi Hawass says always, he never found traces of UFO or other civilizations in 35 years of excavations, but there are interesting researches of neurologists about the "anomalous" behaviour of our brain in the pyramide.

This modern story began about 30 years ago, when one italian archeologist ( that name!!!) decided to lay some time in the granite sarcophagus inside the room with the walls from polished granite. There were many persons there not far from him. They called him after some time but he did not answered. Then he "awoke" and understood that happend something strange to him. But at that time nobody believed him.

This year an italian TV-program (Voyager) wanted to control what was happend with that man 30 years ago and asked to make this research a neurologist... his son. The son was present in the pyramide when this "anomaly" happend to his father.

So , what they found...
First of all some scientific lines. (Source)

Human brain inherent few types of activity, corresponding with biological and psychological state of the organism.
Delta-rhythm. Consists of high amplitude waves of 500 muV, frequency 1-4 Hz. Developed in the state of a deep sleep.
Theta-rhythm. Waves with frequency 4-7 Hz and amplitude of 70-150 muV. Developed in the state of a slow sleep.
Alfa-rhythm. Frequency range 8-13 Hz, average amplitude 30-70 muV. Person is awake, but eyes closed.
Beta-rhythm. Frequency range 14-30 Hz, amplitude 5-30 muV. Person is awake and active.
Gamma-rhythm. Frequency range 30-50 Hz and very low amplitude - less then 10 muV. This rhythm is developed in the state of high concentration, anxiety and rage.

Important for us is that Alpha-rhythm is the state of brain presented in the persons (monks) that are in profound meditation.

And other very interesting for us information from the same site:

As it is known, energy can transform from one type into another and reinforce itself if comes into a resonance with another source of energy.
Thoughts and emotions form energo-informational reality.

Continue the story.
In that granite sarcophagus
(made from one piece of granite and with a building technique that needs actually 5 times more powerful machines that normaly builders use)
the volunteer had an enormous splash of alpha-rhythms (control research -zero alpha).
Normally when we have alpha-activity it is registrated in the back side of the head. In the pyramide the man had alpha-activity all over the head.

The person inside the pyramide had distorted perception of time. And was in state of deep meditation.


  1. I heard there are many types of meditation.

  2. I have never heared about it and that is why it was sooo interesting for me to know it.

    But strange is it. Why in THIS place and not in my room for example...


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