Thursday, December 13, 2007

Long life for our men!

Some persons are so brave to put together different photos like these from Befor and after marriage post and I thought them very good to illustrate the post I wanted to write from yesterday.

This morning in the shop I heared the radio transmission. A woman speaks about a new book maybe or something else and says:
- ... this is about the greatest dream of every man in the world...
-To live alown,- finishes the innocent voice of a male-presenter.

There are so many stories and pictures and everything you can imagin about it, ...

but the scientific research says perfectly contrarious things.
Not only that the married man lives longer as the single.

The numbers are very clear:
there is a very important % of persons that die after the death of the wife/husband (24% men, 17% women).

We had the same story in our family. My bis-grandy (grandfather of my mother) was dead at the age of 86 years. He had very good living conditions, was very healthy (could even read without glasses and had all his own teeth). He was not ill. But he could not live without his wife and was dead 3 years after her "from grief". I could never believe in this story,... but you see, it's true.

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  1. I think what happened to your bis-grandy could happen to me too. I can't even begin to imagine how it'd be if my husband passed away first. I'm sure it is true, I've heard of a lot of stories of the widowed partner foolowing soon after. Sad but definitely true.

  2. It's very bad that we are so attached to other persons and places and things. I'm so too. We create this dipendance from "my" and when we have to change something it creates great wounds so that we prefere to have something bad as change bad for something other -MAYBE better.

    Russian fables finish always with words: and they lived a very happy and long life together (sometimes:and had many children) and died the same day.
    Is it a case?


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